About Us

Jenna Choe

Founder and Executive Chef  | Jenna was born in Seoul, Korea, then moved to Austin, TX to continue her education and study Interior Design at Texas State University.  She is married to Min Choe, and together they have three lovely children, Jordyn, Joah, and Joie.  Jenna is thrilled to be able to share her kitchen obsession with everyone, "There's no better reward than to see your friends and family enjoying your food.  It is my addiction."

Min Choe 

Founder and President  | Min has lived in Austin for over 30 years, and studied Business at The University of Texas at Austin.  An entrepreneur at heart, he has taken his passion for building business with Jenna's passion for cooking, and together built Jenna's Asian Kitchen.   "Jenna's Asian Kitchen is a manifestation of our hard work, passion, and love.  This is a family owned and operated business.  We invite all of our guests to engage with us, ask questions, make suggestions, and provide feedback, but most importantly, become a part of the family."

Ha Na Choe

General Manager  | Ha Na has a deep, deep passion for food and design.  Her sense of style, presentation, and her attention to detail has played a significant part in the creation of Jenna's Asian Kitchen.  "Being a part of Jenna's Asian Kitchen has been an awesome blessing and gift.  Working with my brother and sister-in-law, has been an incredible adventure so far.  It hardly feels like you're working when you love what you do so much."